Basement Waterproofing Your Home

Whether you have a finished basement that’s soaking wet or an unfinished basement that’s always damp, basement waterproofing Long Island ( companies can help you solve the problem. If you’re experiencing leaking floors, walls or cracks in your basement, you’ll need one of the many experienced waterproofing companies Long Island has to offer.

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About Your Sump Pump Installation

Long Island basements usually have sump pumps installed, but these pumps can develop problems that result in dampness. To deal with this problem, you’ll want to choose a qualified sump pump installation Long Island company. The basement waterproofing Long Island homes frequently require is best carried out by a company with experience in the area.


Choosing Basement Waterproofing

Long Island basement waterproofing companies can offer a range of options to customers when it comes to protecting their home and property. It’s important to recognize that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Instead, the approach used for your basement should be tailored to fit your specific needs. This is because many basements are damp for multiple reasons – meaning no single solution would solve the problem.


Underlying Causes for Damp Basements

There can be many reasons why your basement might be damp or collecting water. It could be that when you’re home was constructed, the backfilling wasn’t done correctly. You could have deteriorated sewer lines or clogged footer drains. Your basement walls could be deteriorated and cracking. And as mentioned above, the average sump pump installation Long Island sees occasionally needs maintenance or replacement.


Solutions Offered by Waterproofing Companies

Long Island waterproofing contractors can offer you a number of options, depending on your circumstances and the underlying cause of the dampness in your basement. Your home’s location, its construction and the type of foundation all play a part. As mentioned above, your basement waterproofing Long Island contractor may have to try multiple approaches to solve your basement dampness problems.


Waterproofing Paint: Most of the waterproofing companies Long Island has to offer would probably recommend against using waterproofing paints or primer to solve your damp basement problem. Using paint to try to seal leaky basement walls is nothing more than a temporary cosmetic solution if the underlying problem causing the leak hasn’t been resolved.


Crack Injections: In situations where a poured concrete foundation is experiencing seepage from the walls – rather than the floors – crack injection may be a suitable solution. This process involves injecting a polyurethane or epoxy material inside the crack to keep water from seeping in. But this can be a temporary fix.


Exterior Excavation Waterproofing: The process of exterior waterproofing requires excavating 6-8 feet around your home to the foundation wall footer to correct any drainage problems by installing either a French drain system or new drainage tiles. While doing this, most waterproofing companies Long Island has would suggest applying a membrane or waterproof material on the exterior of the wall.


While exterior basement waterproofing is usually pricier than other approaches – primarily because of the excavation it requires – it also offers a number of advantages. For one thing, it entirely excludes water from entering your home in the future. It also requires virtually no maintenance.


Interior Excavation Waterproofing: Many homeowners choose to use an interior waterproofing approach because it costs far less than exterior waterproofing. It’s also less invasive, since it doesn’t require digging massive holes around your foundation.


Many contractors in Long Island prefer to describe this latter approach as “water management” because it primarily deals with the water once it is in the basement, rather than keeping it out in the first place. One of the primary features of this approach involves installing a sump pump and drainage system in the floor.


Maintenance of Your Sump Pump Installation

Long Island waterproofing experts know that a failed sump pump system can be one of the primary causes of basement dampness. Ensure that the drainage tiles or pipes remain entirely free of any clogs or obstructions. Usually, contractors will add access ports for easy maintenance of the system. If your sump pump system comes with a battery backup, it’s essential to ensure that the battery system is functioning properly.

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