Choosing the right Stair Builder for Your Project

Staircase Installation and Repair

Stairs are the most commonly used ways to link two levels. Stair Builders Long Island  ( is aware that the installation of stairs and handrails must be done without a glitch to ensure safety while still giving homes an attractive look.

To have attractive staircases in your home, many factors come into play. These factors include:

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The type of materials used for building a staircase

The materials used for installation will determine the durability and attractiveness of the staircases. If you want wooden stairs, the type of wood you select is very important when you need a new staircase installed in your house. Other materials available for staircases include concrete and stones. The stair company Long Island can help you make the right choice material depending on your preference, place of installation, and budget.


The installation stair contractor

The quality and durability of your stairs will also depend on the skills and expertise of the contractor installing or otherwise repairing it. If you contract low-level skilled builders, you might end up getting a low-quality job done on your staircases compromising you and your family’s safety when using it. If you reside in New York and you want your house staircases installed or repaired, the Stair Contractor Long Island can provide you with top quality skilled experts to install or fix your stairs.


The design of a staircase

Generally, staircases vary in design and the design you will settle on will determine not only the attractiveness of the staircases but also the cost and upkeep expenses. Designs include straight stairs and spiral stairs, among others. Stair Builders Long Island can offer you advice on the design of stairs that suit your home perfectly.


Types of staircase and their costs

Besides designs and material, you will also have to select your staircase style. The staircase style is determined by the size of space you have to install the stairs. The bigger the space, the more the staircase styles available for you to select. The Stair Contractor Long Island can assist you to determine the size of space needed for a particular staircase style. Concerning installation costs, complex styles such as spiral stairs will cost you more. Fortunately, you have more than five different staircase styles from which you can choose. They are as follows:


Straight Stairs

Just like the name suggests, these are straight uninterrupted staircases. These styles do not necessarily require a railing but, if you have young kids, it is important to install one. The straight staircase style is prominent with old-style home designs and is the most cost effective and easy to maintain. Stair builders Long Island can help you install them at a cost of about $2,000.


U-Shape and L-Shaped Stairs

These styles are a quite expensive compared to the straight staircase style. Moreover, the styles are safer than the straight style because they have landings in each turn. Thus, in case someone falls, he or she only falls to the next landing as opposed to falling all along the whole staircase length. These staircase styles can cost about $4,000 in any stair company Long Island.


Winders Stair

This style of staircase curves but not as much as the spiral style. They generally have 90-degrees angled turns with no flat landings. Stair builders Long Island can customize this style for you, although it will cost you more than the U-shaped or L-shaped stairs.


Trapezoidal Stairs

This style has many intersections and requires more labor, skill, and expertise to install. Stair Company Long Island is, however, up to the task. The style comes at a cost of about $5,500.


Curved Stairs

This style of staircases is attractive and desired by many due to the class it can bring to a home. Nevertheless, they require a top-notch skill at all levels starting from the design, material used, to the specialized skills needed to curve the stairs. This makes the curved staircase style the most expensive to install and maintain. The Stair Contractor Long Island has staircase professionals who can perfectly install your curved staircases. The total cost of these style starts from $8,000 and can go over $100,000 depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design used.

If you live in New York and in need of stairs installation or repair, Stair Company Long Island can offer you the best staircase materials for installations and repairs. With the right materials from a credible company, Stair contractor Long Island is on standby to either fix or install the staircase of your choice professionally.

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